For over 30 years, Dr. Melvin H. Pearson has built a reputation as a leading orthodontist in Staten Island, N area.  Located on the south shore of Staten Island, Dr. Pearson created his practice with the fundamental belief that his patients deserve the best care available. Decade after decade, he continues to consistently develop his practice and treatments to reflect the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques.

Dedicated to Advanced Orthodontic Care in Staten Island

Visiting the orthodontist is very different than it has been in the past. Dr. Pearson continues to evolve his practice with advanced treatments such as minimal-radiation digital photography and x-rays, traditional braces for children and teensorthodontics for adults, as well as Invisalign® clear aligners. These revolutionary new aligners are nearly invisible, individually customized, and are proven to drastically improve the appearance of your smile during treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment – Breathing Disorders

Dr. Pearson’s expertise in orthodontics is joined by his passionate research in the field of sleep breathing disorders. Diagnosing the common sleep breathing disorder obstructive sleep apnea is critical to a patient’s health. Failure to receive treatment can lead to many dangerous health conditions. High blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, and even heart attacks are just a few examples of what sleep breathing disorders can lead to when left untreated. The serious nature of sleep apnea prompted Dr. Pearson to offer a complimentary initial sleep disorder evaluation during a patient’s’ initial visit as well.

An Orthodontic Experience You Can Trust

Our orthodontic team is friendly, knowledgeable, and committed to helping you through the entire treatment process:

  • We are respectful of your appointment time. We do our best to stay on time so you can too.
  • Our goal is to make orthodontic treatment affordable for everyone.  Multiple payment options are available with interest-free financing and multiple family member discounts.

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Contact our Staten Island orthodontic office to schedule a complimentary initial clinical exam! Dr. Pearson provides quality orthodontics for patients of Staten Island and all surrounding New Jersey areas. We look forward to seeing you soon.